Cyber Security

Our certified security specialists will eliminate weaknesses in your network so your data can’t be held for ransom.

Ransomware can take control of your company's data, and the most aggressive strains can put you out of business.

Being proactive is the key to keeping your technology free of destructive malware like: viruses, worms, and dreaded ransomware. ABT keeps a watchful eye over your IT with powerful firewalls, intrusion-detection devices, and anti-malware programs at reasonable price points that suit every budget.

Our solutions are designed to let you focus on your business while we focus on your cyber security. We help you stay one step ahead of threats with industry leading cyber security products for threat prevention, mobile security, data centers, next-generation firewalls, and security management.


Advanced Business Technology’s Cyber Security service can be fully-managed by our experts or self-managed by your in-house personnel, and includes:

  • Robust anti-malware applications with on-demand performance reporting
  • Email spam and phishing protections with stringent file-download restrictions
  • Strict controls to regulate website access by employee, department, or device
  • Routine security awareness assessments and end user training
  • Real-time scanning, testing, and threat identification for servers, desktops, and mobile devices

How would a comprehensive, professional-grade Cyber Security program keep your business safer?

It would closely monitor vulnerabilities, ransomware threats, and compliance concerns, and employ cutting-edge tools to eliminate issues in real time.

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